Mouni Roy’s Late ‘Valentine’s Meal’ Is This Yummy South Indian Dish


Happy Valentine’s Day. Oops, were we late? Never mind because, first, we believe every day should be a celebration of love and second, we’ve spotted Mouni Roy drooling over a “Valentine’s meal”. The actress, as we know, has been quite busy with photoshoots these days and keeps us posted on them too. But, that doesn’t stop her from sharing snippets from her food diaries and we can trust her with her choice of dishes. This time, we have a “cute” version of a South Indian dish. Any guesses?

Mouni Roy shared snippets of her recent indulgence on her Instagram Stories. There we see a plate of idli served with sambhar and our favourite coconut chutney. But there’s a twist to this platter. These are not the usual flying-saucer shaped dumplings but they are idlis steamed in the shape of hearts. Who wouldn’t fall for that? Take a look:

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Mouni Roy enjoyed a hearty South Indian meal. 

Idlis are a South Indian savoury dish of steamed rice cakes. The cakes are made from a fermented batter of rice flour and black lentils. These are traditionally served with sambhar and coconut chutney.

Mouni Roy is at her dressing table, while her friends get her dressed. But the Naagin actress is going gaga over three heart-shaped idlis and we can’t blame her. She wrote over the video, “Valentine’s meal came a tad bit late. Dil Dil Dil (hearts). Too cute.”

We’ve been following Mouni’s food trails for a while now and aren’t we surprised every time? She has gone head over heels for pastries and desserts during her recent Dubai trip. Take a look:

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The pictures revealed Mouni Roy’s love affair with coffee. In more than one instance, she was seen with a coffee mug at a cafe or restaurant. We know she relished every drop of it.

Pizza and spaghetti were not out of her list and she showed her favourite picks. She wouldn’t shy away from having them in the same meal.

Mouni’s gastronomic adventures can stretch from salads to Manchurians to dark chocolates and steamed dim sums.

Whatever the dish be, we love the way Mouni never holds herself back to enjoy her favourite dishes. What are your thoughts about Mouni Roy’s foodie treats? Tell us in the comments below. 

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