Monsoon Special: 5 Teas From 5 Different States Of India You Need To Try This Monsoon


There’s no better feeling than having a piping hot cup of tea with some pakode and enjoying the pitter-patter outside. However, every state in India has its own way to celebrate monsoon with a variety of delicacies that differ from one another but there’s one thing that is common in all Indian states is tea, or ‘chai’. From black tea and masala chai to desi kahwa and sulaimani chai, India has myriads of interesting chai flavours to try. If you are anything like us and can’t begin your day without sipping a cup of chai, then we hear you, chai lovers! Here’s a list of 5 different varieties of teas from different states of India that you can try making at home. Read on to know.

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Here Are 5 Teas From 5 States Of India You Must Try This Monsoon:

1. Kahwa From Jammu And Kashmir

A hot comforting beverage that hails from the beautiful region of Kashmir. It is prepared by simmering the Kashmiri kahwa leaves in boiling water along with fragrant spices like cardamom, cinnamon and then poured into the cups with a generous amount of honey and the added crunchiness of sliced almonds. Here’s the recipe for you.

2. Sulaimani Chai From Kerala

An unusual, sweet and sour tea from God’s own country, Kerala! This tea is made from black tea and served without adding milk. The Sulaiman is not just a popular afternoon beverage but is also served after heavy meals and celebratory meals at functions and weddings for its digestive properties. Here’s the recipe for you.


3. Irani Chai From Maharashtra

A piping hot cup of Irani chai with bun muska or muska pao is a match made in heaven. It is perhaps one such item that has managed to hold forth in the country, garnering a huge fan following for its original self. However, there’s another version of Irani chai from Hyderabad. It is made with the addition of mawa or khoya and spices like cinnamon and cardamom.


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4. Lebu Chai From West Bengal

The signature lebu chai (lemon tea) from the streets of Kolkata is a signature blend of black tea with zesty lemon. Enriched with the goodness of Vitamin C, this tea is extremely refreshing and soothing. All you need to do is add leaves in the boiling water along with the lemon dash and it’s done. Pair it up with Bengal’s popular street food jhalmuri!


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5. Gur Gur Chai (Butter Tea) From Sikkim

Also known as butter tea, this tea is very popular in several Himalayan regions. In addition, it is made from tea leaves, butter and salt. Add all the ingredients together in the boiling water and enjoy the soothing and salty taste of this Himalayan tea.

Try these authentic Indian chai recipes with your favourite crispy snacks and let us know which one you did like the most.

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