Monsoon Special: 5 Fruit Ice Cream Recipes You Need To Try This Monsoon


Ice cream is truly one of the most wonderful things in the world; it is the perfect blend of cold and sweet. And the best part about ice cream is that it can be enjoyed in every season all around the year. But there is something extra comforting about enjoying a scoop of ice cream while watching pitter-patter on our window panes. And the best part about monsoons is that we can enjoy a special variety of flavours made of seasonal fruits.

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Here we will share some easy way to make ice creams at home, one recipe that will allow you to make five ice cream flavours! And interestingly, it doesn’t take a lot of work to make this ice cream. All you need is to make the base of your ice cream and then simply add the flavour your desire to make.

To make the base of your ice cream, you need condensed milk, whipped cream and a drop of vanilla essence. Mix these three ingredients and you will get your base or vanilla ice cream. Now all you need is to add your favourite monsoon fruit and your monsoon ice cream is ready to go!

Monsoon Special: Here are 5 monsoon ice creams you need to try today:

1. Jamun Ice cream

While jamun as fruit is synonymous with summer and rains, its sweet and sour flavour works excellently within an ice cream Mix together the base and crushed jamuns till they are completely combined and pop it in the freezer to chill. You can always garnish the ice cream with some jamuns, because we can never have enough jamun!

Garnish your ice cream with some chopped papaya
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2. Papaya Ice Cream

Papaya’s sweet and creamy texture melts in your mouth at every bite. Due to papaya’s buttery texture, it easily combines with the ice cream without any effort. Just simply puree the papaya and then combine it with the base and your ice cream is ready to freeze.

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3. Cherry Ice Cream

Cherries have a strong sweet flavour that makes excellent ice cream. If you want pink flavoured ice cream and are tired of strawberries then cherry is the way to go. Puree your cherries before adding to your ice cream base so that the skin of the cherry does not come into your mouth.

4. Litchi Ice Cream

While some people say that litchi tastes like a grape with a hint of rose, others say it tastes more like a pear or watermelon. But one thing that everybody can agree on is that it tastes like monsoons. Puree your litchi and then add it to your ice cream for the best result.


Mix crushed peaches to your base

5. Peach Ice cream

Another fleshy fruit with a soft texture, peach is a juicy succulent fruit that leaves mini flavourful explosions in your mouth. This is a great fruit that embodies monsoon fun. To make the ice cream, use crushed peaches, not pureed peaches, as by crushing the peach you are allowing the juices of the fruit to blend with your ice cream and the pulp will become a pleasant surprise.

Try out these recipes and let us know how you like them.

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