Mirabai Chanu inspires Tiger Shroff to weightlift 140 kgs during barbell squats


Proving that the future is female, Saikhom Mirabai Chanu left Indians swelling with pride as she cinched a silver medal in weightlifting at the ongoing Tokyo Olympics and inspired not only sports persons but also fitness enthusiasts including actor Tiger Shroff. Making jaws drop at this gym this Sunday, Tiger laid powerlifting goals during his cardio workout by weightlifting 140 kgs and performing barbell front squats after being inspired by Mirabai Chanu’s historic win.

Taking to his social media handle, the Bollywood hunk gave fans a glimpse of his robust workout as he gushed over the silver medal champion. The video featured him with his back to the camera, donning a pale blue hoodie that as held at the waist with a belt and teamed it with a pair of black tights.

Standing barefoot before a mirror as he sweat it out, Tiger kept his feet shoulder-width apart in front of a racked bar. With a barbell placed on his collar bone, Tiger grasped the bar with his hands and kept his wrists facing forward, palms facing upwards to allow his elbows to lift forward.

Bracing his core, he pushed his hips back, bent his knees and squat back until his thighs were parallel to the floor. This was followed by keeping his glutes and core engaged and pushing through his heels to stand back up and repeat the same movement for a few sets.

He shared in the caption, “140 kgs and counting…So so inspired to get stronger and go beyond my limits thanks to #mirabaichanu what a performance! go team india! #tokyoolympics (sic).”



Barbell front squats help athletes improve quad strength and are a staple in Olympic weightlifting. This cardio exercise not only builds muscles and burns body fat but also improves heart health, strengthens bones and joints and reduces injury risk.

It boosts metabolism, staves off disease, regulates insulin and lowers inflammation. Additionally, this workout helps in improving posture, sleep, mood, endurance, mobility and energy levels.

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