Mira Rajput shows what she thinks during yoga session in funny expectation vs reality video


Shahid Kapoor’s wife, Mira Rajput, loves doing yoga and has often credited it for helping her recover post-pregnancy. The mother-of-two works out regularly to stay fit and healthy and often shares snippets from her routine with fans. Today, she took to the photo-sharing app to talk about the expectation vs reality of her yoga routine, and we definitely relate.

Mira shared a comical video of herself doing yoga and captioned it, “YOGA 101: Expectations vs Reality! Who’s with me?”

In the video, she did Halasana or the Plough pose and showed the entire process in two segments – expectation and reality.


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The video begins with the title, “Me walking into yoga class like.” Mira looks confident at the beginning of the video. Then, the scene shifts to her lying down on the mat and trying to do the Halasana.

The first part of the video shows Mira doing Halasana perfectly without any struggle. As she starts bringing her legs above her head, she depicts what goes on in her mind through funny captions that are, “I’m going to Nama-slay,” and “This is how I’m going to look.”

However, the reality is far from that. The second part shows Mira struggling but still managing to do the yoga pose. As she does the asana, the captions, “s**t this is hard”, “omg I’m dying”, “when is it over”, “actually dead”, “I can’t do this anymore”, “why are they counting so slowly”, “pizza tonight”, “oh that feels good”, and “I love yogaaaa” come on the screen.

Mira’s funny video shows the reality of how we all struggle with fitness, but it also motivated us to take the yoga mat out of our closet and exercise today.

Benefits of Halasana:

If you are wondering about the benefits of Halasana, we have got you covered. The yoga pose stretches the spine, tones the back muscles and enhances flexibility. It prevents and relieves tightness in the neck, shoulders, and back. It also strengthens the shoulders, arms, and legs.

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