Mira Kapoor Posts Pic Of Mom’s Candy Cupboard, And It Looks Like Wonderland!


Mira Kapoor shared a click of her mother’s candy cupboard, and it indeed looked amazing.


  • Mira Kapoor visited her mother Bela Rajput
  • The diva shared a click of a wonderful cupboard filled with candy
  • Take a look at the photo here

Candy is an indulgence which appeals to children and adults alike. The simple taste of the sugary bliss can take us straight back to our childhood. There were a number of candies which each generation savoured in their younger days. Be it the famous Phantom sweet ‘cigarettes’ or the delicious candies which would pop in our mouth – these made for cherished memories, which we still love to reminisce. Mira Kapoor traversed down the memory lane with a recent photograph she shared. The stunning diva was at her mother Bela Rajput’s residence, where she got to the incredible stash of delicious candies. Take a look:

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“Nani’s Candy Cupboard,” wrote Mira Kapoor in the Instagram story along with the hashtag #nanihouseisheaven. In the photo that she shared, we could see two shelves with multiple yummy candies neatly stacked. There were three jars filled with sugary colourful candies, lollipops and some loop-shaped sweetmeats. We could also spot some delicious chocolate biscuits, chocolate flavoured breakfast bars, choco-filled cream cakes, and so much more!


The candy cupboard indeed looked tempting! Mira and Shahid Kapoor’s children Misha and Zain Kapoor would have surely enjoyed the visit to their Nani’s home filled with sugary treats and candied goodness.

Mira Kapoor often shares pictures and anecdotes from the time she spends with her mother Bela Rajput. She also shared a picture of a Sindhi ‘Sel Bread’ recipe which her mother would make for breakfast. “I’m as Sindhi as my Sel Bread! This is my mother’s version of her favourite childhood Sindhi breakfast,” she said. Take a look:

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We hope to see more of the mother-daughter duo’s foodie diaries! What was your favourite candy while growing up? Tell us in the comments below. Click here for some yummy and sugary candies you can make at home. 

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