Mindy Kaling Likes Her Salad ‘Spicy And Flavourful’, Here’s Proof!


Mindy is quite a foodie too and shares many of her food secrets on Instagram.


  • Mindy Kaling is an Indian-origin actor
  • She rose to fame from American sitcom ‘The Office’
  • Mindy often shares her food shenanigans on Instagram

Indian-origin actor Mindy Kaling is a woman who dons many hats. From a successful actor and comedian on screen to a prolific writer, producer and director, Mindy Kaling has created a niche for herself across countries. To keep her fans updated, ‘The Office’ actor often shares snippets from her life on Instagram. Her recent post about her daughter watching the inauguration ceremony of the US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris went viral.

Mindy is quite a foodie too and shares many of her food secrets on Instagram. Remember her video with now Vice President Kamala Harris where they bonded over lentils and masala dosa? On Saturday, Mindy shared a screenshot of how she likes her salad bowl! Mindy shared a screenshot of one of her orders where she was craving a salad bowl – a spicy and flavourful one! A bowl full of spices, tangy lemon juice and loads of veggies defines Mindy Kaling’s ideal salad meal. Look at the screenshot below:

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“I needed this so bad! People around me love salad and I wanted a spicy and flavourful order” Mindy wrote. The wholesome bowl had an interesting mix of red onion, pickles, cabbage, kale, sunflower seeds, broccoli, cucumber and more. And a portion of sweetgreen hot sauce, lime and jalapeno vinaigrette gave a spicy, tangy touch to it.

All this just proves how Mindy Kaling likes her meals to be fiery and tantalizing!

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