Milind Soman’s video of hanging leg raises on lazy day proves fitness has no limit: Ankita Konwar reacts


What does Milind Soman do when he feels too lazy to do a workout? Well, if we believe the actor and celebrated supermodel’s latest Instagram post, he does a more difficult exercise than he was earlier planning to do. If you don’t believe us, take a look at his latest post, and you will know what we mean.

Milind took to Instagram recently to share with his followers that he was feeling too lazy to do pull-ups. Therefore, he decided to do one set of hanging leg raises instead. Well, in case you needed motivation today, this is it. The star proved that fitness has no limit if one makes up their mind.

Milind posted the inspiring video of himself doing the core-strengthening exercise on his page with the caption, “Was feeling too lazy to do pull-ups today even though #fightlazy is top of my mind, so did one set of hanging leg raises instead! Was funnnnn.” Scroll ahead to watch the video.

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The video begins with Milind, wearing a slogan T-shirt and jeans, hanging on a monkey bar at an open-air gym. He begins the hanging leg raise exercise by pulling his body upwards and taking his legs above the bar. Then, he lowers his legs down slowly until they return to the starting position. Milind repeated the exercise for five counts.

After Milind posted the video, it garnered several likes and comments. His wife, Ankita Konwar, also reacted to the post by hearting it.

Hanging Leg Raise Benefits:

Hanging Leg Raise is an excellent exercise for building abdominal muscles and upper body strength. It effectively strengthens the abs, hip flexors, shoulders and back. It helps in correcting posture. In the end, practising this exercise can improve both shoulder mobility and stability.

Milind Soman is married to Ankita Konwar. The two tied the knot in 2018 in Alibaug, with close friends and family members in attendance.

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