Milind Soman’s sleeping Vishnu pose, underwater, raises the bar of fitness goals


If you thought that at 55, Indian supermodel Milind Soman was giving fitness enthusiasts a run for their money with his workout sessions on land, wait till you see him nail Yoga exercises underwater. Raising the bar of fitness goals this week, Milind inspired us to roll out our Yoga mats and hit the grind after inspiring us with his effortless acing of sleeping Vishnu pose underwater.

While we are finding it hard to locate our will to grind on land, Milind was seen nailing a part of Yoga’s Anantasana underwater and those are the only blues we are accepting this Tuesday. With arm, body and legs all in a straight line on the swimming pool’s floor, the health enthusiast challenged heavier resistance with his aquatic exercise and his recent awe-inspiring video is proof.

Taking to his social media handle, Milind shared a video featuring him underwater, donning only a pair of swimming boxers. Lying on one side on the blue tiled floor of the pool, Milind supported his head with one hand while his other hand and legs were stretched straight up as easily and comfortable as lying on a bed.

As per the Hindu mythology, Vishnu sleeps in the primeval ocean on his couch Sesa in this reclining pose or posture. It is from here that the name for this Yoga asana is derived and it is also called Vishnu’s Couch Pose or the Eternal One’s Pose.

Flaunting his chiseled torso and breathing as normally as a fish underwater, Milind captioned the video, “Did you say Monday blues ? .. #reelsinstagram #underwater #Mondaymood #reelsvideo (sic).”


Apart from giving the side of the body a good massage and bringing calm and stability with the effort and attention that the practitioner brings to this pose, the sleeping Vishnu posture strengthens the armpits and shoulders, lessens back pain problems and even helps in improving one’s digestive system. It stretches the sides of the torso and tones the belly.

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