Milind Soman’s beast mode during kettlebell workout is the perfect fitness inspo


Giving our drooping Monday energies a fantastic pump up is Milind Soman‘s kettlebell workout video that has rebooted our will to hit the gym this week. Giving a glimpse of his beast mode, Milind displayed jaw-dropping grip strength while playing throw and catch with a heavy kettlebell and that is all the fitness motivation we need to swing our rusted limbs and give them a much-needed workout.

Taking to his Instagram handle’s story feature, Milind shared a video featuring him standing in the middle of a lush green garden and a backdrop of a cool windy weather. Sporting his signature salt pepper look, Milind donned a full sleeves black T-shirt, layered with a casual grey half sleeves one and teamed with a pair of black tights to complete his athleisure look.


Milind Soman gives a glimpse of his kettlebell workout(Instagram/milindrunning)


Holding a kettlebell in one hand, Milind swung the heavy gym equipment into the air and caught it above his head with the other hand. Repeating the exercise with alternate hands, Milind instantly charged up our willpower and we are inspired to brush aside our workout procrastination this new work week.


Milind Soman gives a glimpse of his kettlebell workout(Instagram/milindrunning)
Milind Soman gives a glimpse of his kettlebell workout(Instagram/milindrunning)



Exercising with the kettlebell helps one to build their core muscles as well as the upper body and lower body strength. The target muscles during the exercise are the hamstrings and the quads.

Apart from shaping a lean, toned and firm physique, kettlebells are great at working your glutes, increasing power endurance, bridging the gap between cardio and strength training and burning fat which aides in weightloss. The horn or handle of the kettlebell is often thicker than that of a dumbbell which helps in increasing grip strength.

Swinging the kettlebell can also have benefits on grip strength and it targets the practitioner’s glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings in lower body, back, shoulders and triceps in upper body and the core, all in one single move. It improves the strength, function and coordination of the posterior chain, develop speed and power with the clean and jerk and helps one in attaining the posture of a military soldier with a straight back, shoulders retracted, tight core and immensely better back health.

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