Milind Soman talks about the value of physical activity in new fitness video, asks fans to stay active


  • Milind Soman who recently defeated the coronavirus, is back to sharing fitness videos and urging fans to stay active and exercise during these trying times.

By Nishtha Grover, Delhi

UPDATED ON MAY 06, 2021 11:13 AM IST

Milind Soman is back in full swing. The actor who defeated the coronavirus last month, is back to sharing workout videos on his social media and urging followers to stay active and exercise. While the super model was fighting Covid-19, he was updating everyone about his symptoms and body temperature in order to answer queries and clear the confusion regarding the illness. He also kept his fans at par as the fitness enthusiast gradually and slowly started working out again just to keep his body and mind active.

In his recent post, Milind talked about the importance of working out and staying active along with the fact that it keeps illness at bay. The clip that we are talking about shows the bare-chested actor hanging on a pull-up rod using both his hands. He then switches up and takes things up a notch by hanging on the rod using one hand at a time. For the outdoor workout session, he opted to wear a pair of black shorts.

In the caption, Milind also mentioned the history of exercise and fitness and how notions regarding the same has changed over the course of time. It read, “Ancient physicians—including those from China in 2600 BC and Hippocrates around 400 BC—believed in the value of physical activity for health. By the 20th century, however, a diametrically opposite view—that exercise was dangerous—prevailed instead Now, as in ancient times, we realise that inactivity can encourage disease. It doesn’t mean that you spend hours in the gym. Be active. For a few minutes every day. Even 5 minutes to start with. Find an activity you enjoy that is simple, comfortable and can be done even at home. JUST KEEP MOVING !!! (sic).”

Check out some of the other workout videos that the actor has shared since defeating Covid:

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