Milind Soman on not being able to donate plasma in Mumbai: ‘Felt a bit sad’


Encouraging fans to donate plasma after recovering from Covid-19 and counting days of doing the same himself with regular health updates on social media, Milind Soman returned dejected from Mumbai. Sharing a picture from wilderness as he returned “back to the jungle” after not being able to donate plasma in Mumbai due to “low antibody count”, the former supermodel educated fans about post Covid recovery.

Posing for a selfie in what looked like the middle of a forest during a robust workout session probably, Milind shared the picture on his Instagram handle. He revealed in the caption, “Back to the jungle ! Went to Mumbai to donate plasma but didn’t have enough antibodies for donation (sic).”

The actor added, “Even though plasma therapy is not proven effective 100%, there are opinions that it might help, so I guess we must do whatever we can (sic).” Expressing his sadness on not being able to help people as he had aimed for in his previous social media posts, Milind elaborated, “Low antibody count generally means i had mild symptoms and that I have enough to fight another infection but not enough that I can help other people. Felt a bit sad….#postcovid (sic).”

Model-turned-actor Milind Soman had tested positive for Covid-19 in March and had revealed the same in a brief tweet on Twitter which had read, “Tested positive. #Quarantine (sic).” Ever since then, Milind has been responding to fans’ “get well soon”wishes with glimpses of his exercise session with the mugdar or pushups amid forest bathing.

Recently, Milind made jaws drop as he raised the bar of fitness goals with his “six finger pullups”and flaunted a chiseled torso which proved once again that he was ageing like fine wine. In the caption of the video, Milind had stressed on how the body gets weak after mid-twenties unless one makes an effort to keep it strong.

From doing his own countdown up to the days when he could finally donate blood plasma to give a sneak peak into intimate romance with wife Ankita Konwar and flaunting arm strength by hanging on a bar with one hand, Milind’s social media handle is replete with fitness motivations for every day of the week and we are inspired to hit the grind. What about you?

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