Milind Soman-Ankita Konwar’s pull-ups amid forest bathing is fresh fitness inspo


The Japanese concept of shinrin yoku, or forest bathing means connecting with nature through our senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch so as to bridge the gap between us and the natural world and Indian supermodel Milind Soman was seen rooting for the same with his wife, Ankita Konwar. Numerous studies show that shinrin-yoku has real health benefits and just a two-hour forest bath is enough to de-stress and relax one.

Taking to their respective social media handles recently, Milind and Ankita shared a reel each, that feature them nailing pull-ups on a bar in the backdrop of lush greenery. Hanging from the bar, the couple strengthened their back, shoulder and arm muscles while improving their grip strength.

Laying fitness inspiration for the weekend with their return to forest bathing, Milind and Ankita encouraged fans to workout even if it is for 30 seconds and the unmissable quiet of their surroundings immediately slowed us down as we saw them unplug from technology and merge with the natural world.. While Ankita captioned her video, “Little joys of life (sic)”, Milind’s video was captioned with a motivation that read, “Even 30 seconds is enough ! (sic).”


Forest bathing is a bit of both fitness trend and a mindfulness practice. It is a form of ecotherapy to activate your senses and suitable for any level of fitness. Irrespective of the weather, one can forest-bathe anywhere in the world.

To do so, it is important to leave your phone and camera behind and let your body guide you to a lush spot in any natural environment. Soak in the power of the place through your ears, eyes, nose, mouth, hands and feet.

Notice the birds singing, breeze rustling through the trees, different greens of the trees, sunlight filtering through the branches, breathe deeply in the fresh crisp air surrounding you, in the natural aromatherapy or fragrance of the forest, touch the tree trunks or a nearby stream and soon you’ll be one with nature and would have crossed the bridge to happiness.

As for pull-ups, the exercise is a very beneficial workout to strengthen the muscles in the back, shoulder and arms while improving grip strength, overall body strength and fitness level. All the upper body muscles including the lats, traps, deltoids, pecs, biceps, forearms and triceps are brought into action when one lifts their whole body from the floor by hanging on a bar.

It is ideal for physical and mental health as it challenges your muscles. Though pullups are very efficient exercise routine, they are not recommended for beginner fitness levels. They are a great way to strengthen your biceps, triceps, forearms, wrists, grip strength, lats, shoulders and your core.

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