‘Methodologies for spiritual growth can help overcome fear, panic, anxiety and grief’


Mental resilience or spiritual immunity has never made more sense than in the present times of the pandemic. Witnessing loss of life and endless grief of losing a loved one or just dealing with illness, in the recent past, has led to one’s mental health go for a toss, amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

So, what one needs is the strength of the mind to face such tough times. And being spiritually resilient is a state where mental, emotional and psychological well being coexists, and boosts the physical immunity as well. It’s known that practices such as meditation and positive visualisation amplify positive vibrations. And when a person experiences vibrations at a higher frequency of joy, faith and optimism, there is a direct and positive impact on the immune system. Emphasising these as the need of the hour, Dr Manmeet Kumar, a city-based practising spiritual coach, says, “There is a sudden interest in learning of spiritual practices. People want to learn how to stay centred, grounded and optimistic in these times. They are interested in knowing about life after death. Above all, they understand that at the root of mental and emotional well being is the need to develop spiritual immunity.”

Dr Manmeet Kumar, a city-based practising spiritual coach.

She has been using remedial Bach Flowers to help families across India and abroad, and her workshop, Pain to Power has been attended by students, corporates, homemakers, and has touched thousands of lives in the pandemic. Kumar feels that “We all have within us the power to transform our pain to power. Learning clear methodologies for spiritual growth can help you to overcome the fear, panic, anxiety and grief that you may be facing. Beautiful and sustainable results are possible only through spiritual development.”

In addition to the grief of losing loved ones, there is also the helplessness and frustration of not being able to be with them in their last few moments; this grief has jolted many families since they had to be away from their dear ones due to Covid-19 protocols such as social distancing. And some have been unable to even do the last rites of their family members or visit them in the hospital after they passed away.

Therefore, it is imperative that one is able to handles stress, loneliness, frustration, helplessness, and deal with emotions such as anxiety, fear, panic and grief. “People who approach us after the death of a loved one are in tremendous emotional pain and we didn’t know how to move forward initially,” says Kumar, who is organising Grief Circle, for families who have lost their loved ones to Covid-19, twice a month. Those going through any pain can join in the workshops or attend the sessions online. “The Grief Circle is an initiative to heal the emotional pain of those who have lost their family members. The sheer helplessness and the suddenness of death is addressed in order to help people heal,” she concludes.

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