McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King And Others Join In The Chicken Burger War On Twitter


Big burger chains got involved in the chicken burger war.


  • Fast food chains got involved in a big food war on Twitter.
  • They competed over crispy fred chicken sandwich.
  • Mc Donalds, Burger King etc. also launched their own versions.

There has always been a fierce completion in the fast food industry. With so many big players selling budget-friendly yet delicious fast foods, especially burgers, customers have enjoyed the ability to choose from different (all-good) options. It was easy to compare and choose as all these fast food outlets had their own signature foods with different flavours and signatures to offer. But now, the competition has spiralled to a whole new level with all of them fighting on the same meal – fried chicken burger or chicken sandwich, as they call it. 

The big chicken burger war actually started long time back with Popeyes launching fried chicken sandwich in brioche buns. It suddenly got so popular that other burger chains had to quickly jump in. Chick-fil-A tweeted claiming theirs was original and the best. To this, Popeyes had its own rebuttal. 

Here are the tweets:

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Amid this spat, Wendy’s took an opportunity and tweeted its own burger’s picture with the caption, “Y’all out here fighting about which of these fools has the second best chicken sandwich.” Popeyes was quick to launch an attack on Wendy’s, which went back and forth.

Look at these tweets:

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Then Shake Shack also jumped in the Twitter war:

In the new year 2021, we all thought that the war was over, but instead it was just waiting to explode. Now biggies like Mc Donald’s, Burger King and KFC has relaunched an out-and-out war with their own versions of crispy chicken sandwiches.

In fact, Popeyes went to the extent of offering free chicken sandwich to 500 people who misspelled the McDonald’s early access website URL that was to be launched on Feb. 18.

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