McDonald’s India Adds Immunity Boosting Turmeric Latte And Masala Kadak Chai To Menu


Strong immune health is considered the first line of defense in our body. And over the last one-and-half year, the world has been talking about it like never before. Doctors are stressing on the need of a good immune health to prevent several viral infections. We can also see people incorporating immunity boosting foods in their daily diet for overall nourishment. That’s not all. Restaurants and hotels too have introduced several dishes in their menu that is prepared with immunity-boosting ingredients. The recent one to join the bandwagon is McDonald’s India.

Keeping in tandem with the customers’ increasing preference for healthy, immunity-boosting food and beverages, McDonald’s India (West and South) has announced two new additions to its McCafe menu – Turmeric Latte and Masala Kadak Chai.

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Besides being refreshing beverages, both turmeric latte and masala kadak chai are loaded with healthy ingredients including turmeric, black pepper, clove and ginger – each of these ingredients are known to detoxify your body, improve gut health, fight infections and more. In addition, these drinks also help combat cough, cold and soothe itchy throat.

Explaining the idea behind introducing these immunity boosting drinks in the menu, Arvind RP, Director-Marketing and Communications, McDonald’s India (West and South), said, “Menu innovation is a continuous journey for us and we are excited to introduce these new offerings on the McCafé menu that are crafted to please the Indian palate. Several studies and researches have highlighted that consumers are actively scouting for immunity improving recipes and products. As a brand that has always stayed ahead of customer expectations, these additions give our customers relevant choices.”

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