McDonald’s Chicken Nugget Sells For Rs. 73 Lakh Online, Here’s Why


Fast food giant McDonald’s has been in the news recently for multiple reasons. The burger joint has collaborated with Korean sensation BTS to create an interesting new BTS Meal. The meal is currently being served across the world in a unique, purple-coloured packaging created exclusively for the brand. Even as fans of the boy band go gaga over the meal, we found some news related to the BTS meal which caught our attention. As per reports, a chicken nugget from the BTS meal has sold online for a whopping Rs. 73 lakhs! Take a look:

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The item was sold by a user named ‘polizna’ who resides in Utah in the United States. The chicken nugget’s bidding went on for two whole days on eBay, where it was finally sold for USD 99,997 or Rs. 73 lakhs.

There were two reasons why the chicken nugget was so much in demand. Firstly, it was a part of McDonald’s BTS meal which fans have been going gaga about. Secondly, the shape of the chicken nugget was quite unique and closely resembled a character from the popular game ‘Among Us’. These two factors drove up the price to nearly 100,000 US dollars – an amount quite surprising for a single chicken nugget.

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Fans of chicken nuggets would recall that the crunchy snack was even sent into outer space. In October 2020, British supermarket chain Iceland Foods had sent a single chicken nugget as part of their 50th birthday celebrations. Read more about it here.

Chicken nugget is an immensely popular item across fast food chains. The crispy outer layer gives way to a tenderly spiced chicken inside. If you want to make it at home, here’s the full recipe.

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