Masterchef Australia Judge Shares This Yummy Egg Recipe – Add It To Your Breakfast Menu


Move over poached and deviled eggs, there is a new egg dish in town that it is easier to whip up – and, most importantly, it is super scrumptious. Celebrity chef and Masterchef Australia judge Jock Zonfrillo has taken the internet by storm with his perfect egg pocket recipe. And the best part about the recipe is that it requires only three ingredients — eggs, cheese, and pepper. Using these, you will have a delicious and fulfilling breakfast in front of you in minutes. This egg pocket is inspired by a Roman pasta recipe called ‘Cacio e Pepe’, which literally translates to cheese and pepper.

The recipe video shared by chef Zonfrillo on Instagram also shows him demonstrating how to cook the perfectly cheesy egg dish, complete with a runny yolk in the centre.

Watch the video here:

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Since the video was shared, it has been viewed more than 1.65 lakh times on Instagram with several users saying they are waiting to try the dish as soon as they can.

Eggs are a powerhouse of proteins, vitamins and several other essential nutrients, and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Super versatile egg can be prepared in numerous styles and variations. From boiled to a tantalising spicy curry, eggs in any form are drool-worthy.

If Chef Zonfrillo’s egg pocket has left you craving, here are a few  more lip-smacking egg recipes for you to try:

1) Shakshuka

A traditional Tunisian egg breakfast dish, Shakshuka combines delicious crispy sunny-side-up style eggs with runny yolk with a mixture of tomatoes and herbs.

2) Egg In A Hole

A quick and fun recipe wherein egg is cooked inside a slice of bread. Perfect for those busy weekdays when you have to rush through your breakfast.

3) Pocket Size Cheese Omelette

A spicy mix of healthy spinach and creamy cheese whipped into eggs to make the perfectly flavourful omelette.

Let us know what you think of chef Zonfrillo’s egg pocket recipe. Also, do tell us which of these other egg recipes you enjoyed making the most.

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