Masterchef Australia Contestant Depinder Makes Hearty Butter Chicken


The latest season of Masterchef Australia 13 has been making quite the buzz amongst Indians across the world. The reason for the show’s popularity this year is partly due to the two Indian origin contestants that have been showcasing the nation’s multitude of flavours on the show. Winning hearts particularly is contestant Depinder Chhibber, who has been wowing the judges with her culinary skills and the delectable flavours of Indian cuisine. This time around, the New Delhi born contestant won several hearts yet again, by paying homage to her hometown.

She did so by cooking a deliciously hearty dish of butter chicken. Depinder shared a carousel of pictures showcasing the glorious dish, making our mouths water. Along with the tangy and succulent butter chicken she had also prepared the classic accompaniments of pickled onions and mint chutney, and soft lachha parathas.

Depinder posted a sweet caption along with the pictures, “In tonight’s episode I cooked one of my favourite dishes of all times: the humble Butter Chicken with a lachha parantha, pickled onions and mint chutney. I honestly swore that I would not cook a Butter Chicken on the show but when I saw my family on the screen, I couldn’t help myself. Here is it, probably the most googled dish of all times. This dish takes me back to my childhood and the restaurants of New Delhi especially Moti Mahal where it all started”

Take a look at the drool-worthy pictures:

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Butter Chicken is believed to have originated in the 1950s by Kundan Lal Jaggi, the founder of a popular restaurant in New Delhi. The dish can be described as nothing short of divine. A bite into its tangy spiced tomato gravy with creamy butter and juicy chicken is enough to please your soul.

Apart from being eaten as a curry, the versatile dish has found its way into several different forms of being devoured. From burgers and pizza toppings to pasta, butter chicken has found a way to keep up with the times.

If all this talk about butter chicken has left your stomach craving for some, fret not, we have a few delicious and unique Butter Chicken recipes for you to try:

1) Butter Chicken Noodles

Add a fun twist to your desi butter chicken by cooking some yummy noodles or spaghetti into it for a wholesome meal.

2) Butter Chicken Twin Burgers

Delicious juice chicken coated in a mouth-watering spicy tikka masala and topped with some creamy butter infused tomato gravy sandwiched between toasted buns. What’s not to love?

3) Butter Chicken Biryani

Fragrant rice cooked in hearty ghee and layers with delicious butter chicken, sweet fried onions and crunchy nuts. A truly divine meal.

For the classic butter chicken recipe, click here. Tell us which of these delicious Butter Chicken recipes you loved the most!

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