Masaba Gupta’s Sweet Evening Indulgence Is Here To Make You Drool; Take A Look


No matter how much we try to follow a healthy lifestyle, our hearts always melt at the sight of some scrumptious sweets. After all, who doesn’t love the creamy cakes, delicious puddings and of course the delectable doughnuts? Of course, you can try your best to eat healthy, lower the calories and exercise every day – but when the cravings for our favourite food take over, we simply want to devour it. And sometimes its best to have cheat days and reward yourself with a treat. If you think you’re the only one doing this, then let us tell you that celebrities are no less!

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Recently posting on her Instagram, designer Masaba Gupta shared a photo of a yummy looking doughnut that will make you drool. In her story, she wrote, “This was so perfect (I must stop biting my nails).” Usually, the designer is known to follow a strict diet with exercising daily, but sometimes we all have to let go of our diet and indulge in some sweet goodness. Take a look:

Instagram story by Masaba Gupta

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If Masaba Gupta’s chocolate doughnuts have made you hungry as well, then check out this easy recipe of doughnuts that you can make at your home and impress your family and friends.

Earlier on her Instagram the ‘Masaba Masaba’ actor has been vocal about her struggles with PCOS and how she has changed her lifestyle for good. From posting diet tips to healthy recipes, Masaba Gupta has become an inspiration for many people.

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