Man’s Story Of Making Living Out Of Selling Vada Pav, After Resigning As Delivery Boy, Moves Internet


It is not easy to stay inspired every day at your job, especially if you feel you are worth so much more. And then, comes a breaking point- the point where you decide to take fate into your hands. Gaurav Londhe, the proud owner of ‘Traffic Vada Pav’, found himself at similar crossroads two years back. In his viral interview with Humans of Bombay, he said that he used to be a pizza delivery boy when one day “fed up with his job”, he decided to quit. He said in the interview that he would spend half his day stuck in traffic, for a salary of Rs. 30000. He could not get a promotion since he was not a graduate. One day when he was stuck in a jam, an idea struck him too. He thought about selling vada pavs to people stuck in jam, with a bottle of water for only Rs.20. He named his venture ‘Traffic Vada Pav’.

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Further in his interview with Humans of Bombay, he talks about his clashes with his other upon quitting a well-settled job. His mother also loaned Gaurav one lakh rupees to set up his cooking station, where he and his mother cooked, while his wife helped pack the vada pavs. On the first day, there was no sale. For months there was no stable income. They would barely earn 200 rupees a day, despite moving around in Mumbai’s heat and rain for hours. Gaurav and his wife lived off his mother’s salary of 25000 rupees.

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With time, Traffic Vada Pav became a name to reckon with. The business started to grow. The pizza delivery boy is now a businessman and a source of inspiration for many. ‘Traffic Vada Pav’ has now rented two kiosks. Gaurav in his interview says that his “proudest moment” was being able to repay his mother’s loan with double the amount after two years. His business now makes two lakhs a month.
Read his inspiring story here.

The internet was quite moved by his success story. “So inspiring”, wrote a user. “This is so inspiring! Proves the philosophy ‘never give up’ absolutely right!” wrote another. A concerned user also asked him to get his idea copyrighted, “Get ur business module copyright, before the corporate giants steal it”, he wrote. 

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