Mandira Bedi flaunts killer abs, pulls off 10 handstands and we are inspired


We were not even expecting a fitness motivation on a sluggish Thursday afternoon but Mandira Bedi got us springing out of bed and running towards the grind in a jiffy with pumped up energies and her latest workout video is to be blamed. “No pressure” at all but Mandira just nailed 10 handstands in a row in her living room while flaunting a waistline to die for and we are already pulling out our Yoga mats to rope in the health benefits of Adho Mukha Vrksasana.

Taking to her social media handle, Mandira shared a video featuring her in a black sports bralette top teamed with a pair of black tights, a pair of spotless white sneakers and a smartwatch to ace the athleisure style. Standing upside down against the cupboards in the living room, Mandira nailed not one or two but 10 handstands while speeding them up along the way as effortlessly as our jaws dropping on the floor in awe.

Flaunting killer abs, Mandira inspired the fitness freak in us too and she shared in the caption, “My #10aday !! A part of my routine everyday. Sometimes 10, sometimes 20. And some day I will do a nice long one. With no wall (sic).” She added, “But no hurry. No pressure ! Oh and I sped these up, only so as not to get into #igtv #handstand #karmkarophalkichintamatkaro (sic).”


The athletic activity or handstand exercise is called Adho Mukha Vrksasana in modern yoga while it is named bananeira in Afro-Brazilian martial art –capoeira. It involves balancing the body by spacing one’s hands approximately shoulder-width apart and extending the legs straight up together.

While it is performed in acro dance, cheerleading, circus, yoga, calisthenics and gymnastics, it is not recommended if the position of one’s ribs, hips and legs keeps changing or there is too much motion or adjustments in search of balance. This can happen during finding the correct alignment due to lack of body awareness or lack of ab strength.

Since handstand is a plyometric exercise, meaning that it bears the own bodyweight, it is beneficial in increasing circulation in the upper body, increasing the blood flow to lungs and strengthening of bones in wrists, arms, shoulders and spine. It also helps to build up one’s core strength, strengthen hip flexors, hamstrings, inner thigh muscles and spinal muscles.

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