Malaika Arora’s workout video of nailing a Tripod Headstand stuns Katrina Kaif


  • Let fitness enthusiast Malaika Arora’s video on ‘drill to achieve a Tripod Headstand’ be enough workout motivation for you to hit the grind this Tuesday | Watch

By Zarafshan Shiraz

UPDATED ON MAR 16, 2021 09:19 AM IST

If Pilates was the fitness trend all through the Covid year 2020, the New Year 2021 is concentrating on building up one’s core strength and in lieu with the same, Malaika Arora encouraged fans through her weekly fitness video to nail Yoga’s Tripod Headstand. The diva dropped a video on drills to achieve the same and we are letting it be our sole workout motivation to hit the grind this Tuesday.

Taking to her social media handle, Malaika shared the video featuring her at her gym class, donning a black sports bra and a pair of black shorts with hair pulled back in a high ponytail to ace the athleisure look. “Namaste Everyone! It’s time to move to the next step of achieving something with #MalaikasMoveOfTheWeek So this week we’ll be doing a drill that will help you achieve a perfect pose with regular practice (sic),” Malaika encouraged in the caption.

She added, “Everything takes time and so will this. Nevertheless, we do not stop trying until we have achieved it (sic).” However, the actor cautioned, “Make sure you do this in the presence of a yoga instructor or do it if you are an advanced practitioner (sic).”

Sharing some of the benefits of the exercise, Malaika elaborated, “Here’s a drill to achieve a Tripod Headstand (Ardha Salamba Sirsasana also known as a Variation of Sirsasana). This is the beginning and if you wish to achieve a tripod headstand, you can try this out. This pose is great for blood flow as you are upside down, which in turn enhances mental awareness and concentration. It strengthens your core strength, abdominal muscle, and arms (sic).”


Guiding how to enter the easiest version of the Tripod headstand, Malaika instructed that one should get down on their palms and knees. Place the top of the head on the mat.

Next, place your palms on the mat such that your arms are bent 90-degrees with your elbows directly over the wrist. Try not to let your shoulders go near your ears.

Lift your knees and walk your feet towards your palms. Try to rest your knees over your triceps. Point your toes towards the ceiling. Hold for 20-30 seconds.

Quick to respond, Katrina Kaif related with all of us as she left a jaw-dropping emoji in the comments section of the video.

Katrina Kaifs comment on Malaika Aroras video(Instagram/malaikaaroraofficial)

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