Malaika Arora Shares Her Sunday ‘Self Care’ Routine – It Includes Everything Healthy


Malaika Arora is one of the fittest actors in Bollywood. She often shares videos and images of herself working out in gyms or practicing yoga at home. But that is not all. She also keeps us updated with her diet routine and her tips to detox body and skin with natural and homemade remedies. In one of her latest Instagram Stories, the 47-year-old has shared some tips on boosting immunity and also removing toxins from the body to feel rejuvenated and fresh again. Malaika based her tips on the idea that “Sundays are for self-care”.

True! With most people feeling relaxed after a taxing week, it is a great day to devote some time to take care of oneself.

In one of her Instagram Stories, Malaika appears to be done with an aloe vera face pack and hairdressing using a mix of egg, honey, and yogurt, post which she’s seen enjoying an orange-coloured drink.

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Malaika called the drink her “immunity shot” without describing what it was made up of. However, in an earlier post last year (2020) in July, she had described a similar drink that she said was a traditional, tried-and-tested homemade immunity booster. She said it was made with Indian gooseberry (amla), fresh organic turmeric, and ginger root with some apple cider vinegar, and a dash of peppercorns.

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In another image shared on her Instagram Stories, Malaika showed a glass of green drink made with spinach, celery, ginger, and apple mixed well in water. She said this drink could be used to detox the body.

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Malaika has, time and again, shared tips on weight loss, inspired us to do yoga, and posted recipes for detoxifying the body. In one such post in January, she shared a simple yet effective weight-loss remedy — a glass of lukewarm water with lemon juice. The actress said she took this mix every morning, and that it also helped in improving metabolism. Click here to find out more about Malaika’s home remedy.

Before that, she had shared the health benefits of having cumin and fenugreek seeds the first thing in the morning. Calling them “magic seeds”, Malaika asked her followers to soak those in water overnight and drink it solution in the morning to flush out harmful toxins from the body. Read more about it here.

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