Malaika Arora Reveals Her Diet Mantra For Eating Healthy And Wholesome Food


Eating healthy is no easy task. Even the best of us gets tempted to binge on sugar-laden desserts and crispy, fried food. It requires tremendous willpower and dedication to avoid these high calorie foods and eat things that are healthy and wholesome. Actor-model Malaika Arora is one such celebrity who always gives us fitness inspiration, not just with her rigorous yoga regime but also with her diet. In a recent Instagram post, she revealed her diet mantra which she follows to eat a healthy and wholesome meal every time. Wondering what it was and how you can incorporate it in your diet? Check it out:

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Malaika Arora was seated next to a bowl of veggies in the picture. Talking about what makes a wholesome meal, Malaika Arora wrote in the post, “To me it is full of healthy ingredients, satiating, and yet delicious!! Most importantly it should make me feel good about myself. Do you know anything that passes the bill or maybe I should cook one right away?”

Recently, Malaika Arora had shared another Instagram post about being a foodie and ‘making the right choice’ when it comes to eating wholesome food. “This is exactly how I wish to feel every time I take a bite of my food – happy, excited, and satisfied that I made the right choice.” Take a look at her photograph here:

“Being a foodie, I love to eat. While the occasional binge on desserts and greasy food does entice me but I usually prefer wholesome food that makes me feel good and keeps me going through the day,” wrote Malaika Arora in the caption.

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So, what can we eat as part of a wholesome and balanced meal, taking notes from Malaika Arora?

“A meal as simple as a crunchy salad or a warm curry rice bowl can do the trick too, as long as its tasty and enjoyable,” she suggested. We often see her enjoying simple, home-cooked meals like Kadhi Chawal or even a Gujarati thali. This is the best way to include wholesome foods in your meals according to Malaika Arora.

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