Makki Ki Roti And More: 5 Best Flatbread Recipes To Try This Winter


Rotis, or flatbreads, are an essential component of any Indian meal. Kneading the dough, rolling the perfectly-round roti, and then setting it on a tawa or tandoor takes a great deal of skill and knowledge. The nicest part about rotis, however, is how versatile they are. They go well with a variety of dishes, from plain dal to complex curries. You can always give your standard rotis a makeover to add that extra zing to your meals. Especially, during winter, nothing beats the experience of having hot rotis slathered with ghee and served with steaming curries.

Here Are 5 Delicious Flatbread (Roti) Recipes Which You Can Try This Winter:

1) Makki Ki Roti

This is a winter delight from north India, specifically Punjab, and it’s traditionally served with mouth-watering Sarso Ka Saag. This roti is prepared with makki ka atta. Often, cooked with dollops of ghee, this is rich and every bit tasty. Don’t forget to enjoy winters with makki ki roti and sarso ka saag.

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2) Thalipith

Rotis can be as tasty without ghee, and this Maharashtrian delicacy proves it. It’s a multi-grain flatbread made with a traditional mixture of four flours: wheat flour, bajra, rice flour, and besan. It’s filling and healthy. So, what are you waiting for? Make this today and enjoy it.

3) Amritsari Kulcha

If you’re trying to spice up your meals, your search should end right here. Winter calls for hearty packed kulchas, which can be paired with delectable chhole cooked with a variety of spices. This naan-bread recipe filled with a variety of vegetables and spices is a must-try in winter.

4) Bajra Methi Missi Roti

This recipe gives you a chance to move away from your regular parathas and create something unique and healthy. Bajra and other ingredients used here have a wide array of health benefits. Make this and have a great meal.

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5) Malabari Parotta

Malabari food is a feast for the senses, with a variety of flavours and textures to excite the palate. Malabari cuisine is a foodie’s dream come true. Treat your family with delicious Malabari Parotta. Serve this hot with Chicken Chettinad or a Kerala Mutton Stew.

Make these delicious rotis the next time you want to spice up your desi dinners, and let us know how it goes.

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