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Make Veg Cheese Momos With Chutney In 15 Minutes With This Genius Recipe!


  • Veg momos are popular across ages
  • Momos originally hail from Tibet
  • Momos can be steamed fried or roasted in Tandoor

Think about street food and you cannot not think about the sensation caused by momos in the past decade or so. This dumpling snack from Tibet is served with a fiery chutney. Momos are so popular that people cannot stop thinking of different variations of the snack, from tandoori momos to chocolate momos and to noodles momos – there are options galore on the streets and in restaurants. Turns out, making momos is not that tough a job, all you need are a handful of common ingredients and a steamer (which is also optional).

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In this recipe, food vlogger and YouTuber Parul tells us how to make veg cheese momos in a matter of minutes. Additionally, she also reveals her instant momo chutney recipe. Here’s what you would be required to do.

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How To Make Veg Cheese Momos With Chutney In 15 Minutes:

1. Take maida in one bowl with salt and made a soft dough. Make sure the dough is firm but not too tight.
2. Grease the dough with oil. Let it rest.
3. Start making the filling. Heat oil on medium flame.
4. Add chopped garlic, chopped green chillies. Sautee on medium flame.
5. Add chopped cabbage. Sautee gently.
6. Now add chopped carrots, chopped capsicum, saute gently.
7. Throw in black pepper powder, salt, mix well.
8. Turn off flame, add spring onions. Transfer the stuffing to a bowl let it cool.
9. Take out the dough. Knead well. Pull out small balls from the dough
10. Take the stuffing and add grated cheese or small bits of cheese slices. Mix everything well.
11. Dust off the balls you pulled from the dough in maida. Roll it out thin.
12. Apply water on the edges of the sheets you just rolled out.
13. Place the filling in the centre. Start pleating the edges and close all sides. Press it gently from top
14. Repeat the same with rest of the dough.
15. Steam all the momos for 10-15 minutes on medium flame.

For instant momo chutney:

1. Take soaked and peeled tomatoes.
2.Add soaked red chillies.
3. Add peeled garlic cloves, followed by salt, sugar, soy sauce and vinegar (optional) and ginger.
4. Grind everything together in a grinding jar. And your chutney is ready to be paired with momos.

Watch The Full Recipe Video Of Veg Cheese Momos With Chutney In 15 Minutes:


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