Make This 10-Minute Vermicelli Upma For A Smashing South Indian Breakfast  



  • There are many types south Indian snacks
  • Upma is a famous South Indian breakfast
  • This vermicelli upma is a hit with kids too

Who does not like to start their day with something yummy and memorable, yet most of us often have to resort to the plain ol’ toast and butter simply because they are the easiest and quickest thing you can put together in the morning. Breakfast is often dubbed as the most important meal of the day. Nutritionists also advise changing the menu often, so that you get to ingest as many nutrients as possible through natural sources. Yes, there is nothing simpler than buttering toasts every morning, but what if we tell you that there are enough breakfast ideas you can toy with that do not take more than 10 minutes to come together. Like this vermicelli upma or sevaiyan baath; this yummy South Indian breakfast is a classic and ridiculously easy to make at home.  

Here’s a recipe of vermicelli upma by Mumbai-based food blogger and YouTuber Alpa. This recipe uses rice vermicelli that is white in colour and is very crispy. Here’s all that you would be required to do.  

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1. Take some vermicelli upma  

2. Boil water with salt and oil, and add rice vermicelli (until fully immersed)

2. Cook on high flame. Until your sevaiyan or vermicelli is completely cooked.

3. Drain out excess water. And collect the vermicelli on a mesh strainer.  

4. Pour regular or cold water to bring sevaiyan down to regular temperature.

5. Take a pan and heat oil.

6. Add chana dal and dry roast it for 30 seconds.  

7. Add urad dal, mustard seeds and give everything a good mix. Cook until mustard seeds start to splutter.  

8. Add dried red chillies, pinch of hing, followed by curry leaves and then some finely chopped green chillies and onions. Mix everything.

9. Add salt, and cook until onions are nice and brown in colour.

10. Finally add the sevaiyan very gently. Throw in a bit of sugar, followed by some lime juice. Mix everything well. Let it cook for a minute.

11. Add grated fresh coconut, followed by freshly chopped coriander and mix again. Serve with freshly chopped chillies. 

Watch full recipe video of Vermicelli Upma here:  

Try this easy recipe at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.  


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