Make Crisp And Longer French Fries Easily At Your Home With This Simple Trick


If you also miss the delicious plate of masala French fries topped with cheese and yummy sauces, then we are sure that at some point, you must have tried to make it at home. However, our homemade fries never taste or look anything like those we get in fast-food restaurants or cafes. Achieving that crispiness and especially looking for big potatoes to cook your fries can be difficult. And let’s admit, we have seen many recipe videos to bring that crispiness, and it has hardly worked out for us. But what if we told you that you could easily get long and crispy restaurant like fries at home with just a small trick in your cooking? Sounds interesting, right?

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If you are making fries at your home, it may turn out to be a little greasy and soggy, so next time you are making it follow these steps for crunchy and long fries that anyone would love to have.

Make French fries with this trick

First, boil and mash your potatoes and add them to a bowl. Then to this, add bread crumbs, cornflour, salt and pepper. Mix these to form a soft dough. Once done, roll out this dough and cut long pieces. Then fry these long French fries on medium to high flame till golden brown. And voila! Your restaurant quality French fries are ready to be devoured.

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If you want your fries to be a little spicier, then add chilli flakes and oregano to your potato dough. Once ready, top it off with Piri Piri masala or any sauce of your choice.

Try this easy French fry trick and let us know how it turned out for you!

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