Maheep Kapoor’s Wholesome Lunch Of Kadhi Chawal Is The Perfect Monsoon Comfort Meal


Monsoons call for homely, warm and simple meals. The unbridled joy one feels while eating their favourite comfort food is inexplicable. And it looks like Maheep Kapoor agrees with us on this. The Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives star shared a delectable picture of her simple, home-cooked meal that screams warmth and comfort. Maheep treated herself to some hot kadhi and long-grain, fragrant white rice. Also, do not miss the dollop of achaar. The photo of the humble meal reminded us of why simple, home-cooked food is always a winner. She posted the picture on her Instagram Stories along with a caption that read, “Kadhi chawal and achaar (kadhi rice and pickle).” She also included the hashtags “fav” and “comfort food” in the caption. 

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Instagram story by Maheep Kapoor

Kadhi is a thick, mellow, flavoured curry made using gram flour (besan) and curd, which gives it a slightly sour tang. The dish is believed to have originated in Rajasthan and is popularly served with rice. Each state has its own variation of the dish. 

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If Maheep Kapoor’s kadhi chawal lunch has left you craving for a delicious bowl of kadhi for yourself, we have a few recipes for you to try: 

1) Paneer Kadhi

Add an extra creamy twist to your regular kadhi with fried paneer. A hearty and wholesome meal indeed.

2) Mango Kadhi

A quick and easy recipe made using raw mango pulp mixed into coconut milk and tempered with dry red chillies, curry leaves, and mustard seeds, this dish is a must-have.


3) Sindhi Kadhi

This kadhi is packed with fresh and healthy vegetables and is a one-pot, nutritious and filling recipe. 


This kadhi is a must have

4) Maharashtrian Kadhi 

This is a simple kadhi spiced with a blended mixture of green chillies, garlic cloves, and ginger. It is the perfect way to tantalise your taste buds in the rainy season.

5) Gujarati Kadhi

This kadhi recipe is sweet and tangy. It is also a lighter variation of the traditional North Indian kadhi recipe sweetened with jaggery and cooked in clarified butter.

Coming back to Maheep, the former model previously also left us drooling with her yummy snack of cheese toast with crisps. A delicious tea-time snack idea that is crispy and gooey, this is a classic. Read all about Maheep’s yummy snack here.

Also, don’t forget to tell us what you thought of Maheep Kapoor’s scrumptious lunch. Do let us know which of these kadhi recipes you enjoyed the most. 

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