Madhuri Dixit suggests strengthening the digestive organs with Yoga’s Mudrasana


As International Yoga Day is just around the corner and will be observed on June 21, fitness enthusiasts across the world as pulling up their socks to raise awareness of the many benefits of Yoga and Bollywood actor Madhuri Dixit too jumped the bandwagon as she performed Mudrasana during her morning exercise session this Friday. Encouraging fans to daily perform the meditative poses with her for a healthier lifestyle, Madhuri gave a glimpse of her intense workout session this Friday as she nailed Mudrasana or seated forward bending Yoga posture “to strengthen the digestive organs”.

Taking to her social media handle, Madhuri shared her fitness video featuring her donning a half sleeves pink round-neck tee, teamed with a pair of black tights and beautiful brown tresses pulled back into a high ponytail hairstyle to nail the sporty look as she kneeled on a Yoga mat. Sitting in lotus posture, Madhuri clenched her fists under her stomach, inhaled deeply and then exhaling slowly, bent forward while keeping her spine straight.

Touching the ground with her forehead, the diva stayed in the position for a couple of normal breaths before coming back to the sitting position. She captioned the video, “#DailyYogaWithMe Day 3 – #YogaMudraAsana A perfect pose to strengthen the digestive organs. #InternationalYogaDay (sic).”


Apart from strengthening the digestive organs, Yoga’s Mudrasana belongs to the group of Lotus Posture and is one of the best anti-aging poses as it helps the practitioner to look and feel younger. The abdomen benefits the most from this asana as it tones all the organs in it, brings flexibility to the back, spine and the hips, improves digestion and helps to relieve constipation. This deep forward bending asana is also called Yoga Symbol Pose or Yoga Seal Pose Psychic Union Pose which activates the Manipuraka Chakra that aids in improving one’s general energy level.

Mudrasana drives away stress, depression and anxiety and prevents hypertension, lower back ache, shoulders disorder and sciatica pain. It also helps in therapeutic conditions like diabetes, asthma and cardiac diseases.

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