Low-Fat Snack: Munch On This Oats Chidva Guilt-Free When On A Diet


When it comes to weight loss and fitness, we all know the struggle of staying away from fried snacks. Despite that, most of us sometimes sneak a spoonful of namkeen in the middle of the night and regret it the next day. And when this happens, we wish we had something low fat to munch on. So, if you wish for the same, then here we bring you a yummy recipe of oats chidva! Chidva is a snack that is found in every household. The crunchy and full of flavour, chidva is generally fried, but since we are making a low-fat version, the oats chidva will be dry roasted.

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Health Benefits Of Oats:

Oats are a known food when it comes to weight loss. This highly nutritional food can help to lower cholesterol, improve blood sugar, be a good source of energy, give relief from constipation, and is rich in antioxidants. This superfood can be easily made into various recipes and can adapt to any taste you add to it.

With these benefits of oats, a low-fat oats chidva is a must-try! Here’s the recipe of oats chidva.

How To Make Oats Chidva | Oats Chidva Recipe

To make this snack, first, take dry oats and poha and roast them lightly. Make sure not to burn them. Now take a pan and add some oil, rai, peanuts, curry leaves, heeng and masalas for the flavour. Mix these well, and then add chana dal and dry coconut pieces. Combine them. Now add the roasted oats and poha mixture and toss it with the masalas and enjoy!

For the full recipe of oats chidva, click here.

Make this delicious snack and have it when you feel hungry. Let us know how you liked the taste of it!

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