Low-Carb Diet For 6 Months May Help Manage Diabetes | 6 Easy Low-Carb Recipes

Low-Carb Diet For 6 Months May Help Manage Diabetes

In this diet, carb is replaced with protein and healthy fats.

Low-carb diet is one popular choice among dieters and fitness enthusiasts. A food regime that eliminates carb intake and compensates with extra protein and healthy fats, this diet helps reduce your appetite. This control over appetite further leads to several other health benefits. A low-carb diet is known to boost weight loss, lower ‘bad’ cholesterol level in the body and manage blood pressure. But did you know that a low-carb diet may also have a positive effect on people suffering from diabetes? A new study, published in the journal The BMJ, found that people (with type-2 diabetes) who followed a low-carb diet strictly for six months experienced a better control on their blood sugar levels, compared to people following other types of diets.

Low-Carb Diet For Diabetes: Health Benefits Of Low-Carb Diet:

Diabetes (especially type-2 diabetes) is a major concern among people across the world. According to the World Health Organisation, at least 422 million people globally are affected by this lifestyle disease. It is one such health issue that has no permanent solution or cure. Hence, experts suggest keeping up a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle to manage the blood glucose level in the body.

This new study helps us find the right kind of diet that can have a positive effect on people suffering from diabetes. “To address this evidence gap, a team of international researchers set out to assess the effectiveness and safety of low carbohydrate diets (LCDs) and very low carbohydrate diets (VLCDs) for people with type 2 diabetes, compared with (mostly low fat) control diets,” read a statement published on the official website of British Medical Journal.

The researchers, in the study, analysed data from 23 randomised trials conducted on 1,357 participants. The outcomes of the survey were reported at 6 and 12 months interval.

It was found people following a low-carb diet and very low-carb diet experienced greater rates of remission of type-2 diabetes. It also helped reduce medication in the participants and improve triglyceride concentrations in the first six months.

However, the researchers are yet to find out the long-term effectiveness of the Low-Carb diet.

“Clinicians might consider short term LCDs for management of type 2 diabetes, while actively monitoring and adjusting diabetes medication as needed,” the researchers explained.

Keeping the above points in mind, we handpicked some healthy recipes that can be perfect for a low-carb diet regime.

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Low-carb diet also help lose weight effectively 

Low-Carb Diet: 6 Easy Low-Carb Recipes For You:

Healthy Paneer Kathi Roll:

We all love kathi roll. Don’t we? Hence, we bring you a special paneer kathi roll recipe that gets a healthy twist for worry-free indulgence. All you need to do is replace the maida paratha with roti made of besan. Click here for the complete recipe.

Low-Carb Veggie Salad:

A healthy salad bowl, it includes the fresh and crunchy tomatoes, capsicum and super healthy lauki (bottle gourd). It is quick, easy to make and fulfilling to the core. Click here for the recipe.

Broccoli Soup:

Broccoli has often deemed a superfood for its rich nutrient-profile. Loaded with almost every essential nutrient, broccoli helps promote overall health. Hence we picked this creamy soup recipe for you that is prepared with broccoli, milk and more. Click here for the recipe.

Chicken-Spinach Soup:

A delicious soup option for all the non-vegetarians, this recipe includes juicy and succulent chicken balls, fresh and crunchy vegetables and more. This soup is wholesome, yet light on the stomach. Click here for the recipe.


Carrot-Orange Juice:

A perfect winter drink made with fresh carrots and sweet oranges, this juice helps you detox and regulate metabolism for overall health. You can include this drink in your breakfast meal to kick-start the day. Click here for the recipe.

Beetroot Shots:

We also found a quick shot recipe for the ones who avoid drinking vegetable juices. Beetroot and berries, mixed with salt and pepper, this beverage is delicious to drink. Prepare this beetroot shot today and gulp down some healthy nutrients at one go. Click here for the recipe.

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