Love Rice On Your Plate? Make This Unique Laksa Pulao For A Tasty Treat


Laksa pulao recipe is a must-try.


  • Looking for a unique pulao recipe?
  • Try this laksa pulao recipe with the minty herb.
  • Here’s an easy recipe to make it at home.

In most of north Indian households, rice is served as a side dish, accompanying the essential roti or paratha. But as you move down south, rice takes the centre-stage and is mostly served as the only dish of the meal, of course paired with a curry or filled with veggies to make pulao. Pulao serves as a quick one-pot meal and is extremely satiating if loaded with different ingredients. Veg pulao gives a strong competition to chicken or mutton biryani. For vegetarians, this is the ultimate rice dish that is tasty, healthy and can be made in no time. 

Aloo pulao, matar pulao, mixed veg pulao, you’ll find n number of pulao recipes across the country. In south India, there is curd rice and other dishes containing the goodness of coconut. If you move down further, there is a special food, which is rarely known but is often used in culinary creations in south Indian and other South East Asian countries. Laksa leaves is a kind of herb like mint leaves. You can find this herb in salads, soups, noodles and rice dishes. It is commonly found in Vietnamese and Malaysian cuisine. 

Laksa pulao is one dish that you can easily make in the comfort of your home. You may find Laksa leaves in the southern part of the country, but if you can’t, you can easily replace it with mint leaves or even coriander leaves. The pulao will taste just as amazing.

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Laksa leaf is a herb like mint and coriander leaves.

How To Make Laksa Pulao:


Here’s the step-by-step recipe of Laksa Pulao. 

First boil French beans and immediately transfer to cold water to retain its crunch and colour. Then blanch almonds and slit them. Saute onion, ginger, green chilli, beans and laksa leaves in ghee. Season with salt, pepper and turmeric powder. Now in a separate pan, saute rice, add the veggies, some more laksa leaves and almonds. Pour some water and cook. Serve with the garnishing of onions and green chill.

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