Love Papaya? We Have 7 Healthy Ways For You To Include It In Your Diet


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Or, is it papaya? This amber-coloured, juicy fruit is a go-to food if you want to balance your diet with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Papaya is a storehouse of vitamins A, C and E. It benefits the health of your eyes, heart and skin. Since it has many nutrients that prevent the oxidation of cholesterol in our blood, it’s also a good way to reduce the risks of heart diseases. But, a plate of papaya cubes may become boring over time. So, we’ve got some ways to spice up the game for you with these 7 healthy recipes that use the fruit.

Papaya is a sweet fruit that you can easily enjoy on its own

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From salads to smoothies, here’s the list for you:

1. Singzu (Manipuri Raw Papaya Salad)

This one is for fish lovers. Prepare it with sun-dried fish and shredded raw papaya. Add a paste of roasted sesame seeds. Sprinkle some salt and serve.

2. Grilled Peach And Papaya Salad With Amaranth Granola

For the granola, mix amaranth, puffed rice flakes, flaxseeds and sesame seeds with honey. Bake and keep aside. Make a puree with papaya and vinegar for the dressing. Break the granola over the dressing and garnish with diced papaya and peaches.

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3. Som Tam

This Thai salad uses raw papaya, fish sauce, tomato and peanuts. For some zing, add lemon juice, and then mix everything together.

4. Hawaiian Papaya Salad

The Hawaiian salad is different, as it uses pineapple and coconut along with papaya. Throw in dollops of yoghurt, and add papaya seeds to elevate the health factor.


Papayas are juicy and sweet when ripe

5. Raw Papaya Cubes

These baked cubes can be made with raw papaya, atta, grated coconut, jaggery, cashew nuts and raisins. Add cardamom powder to flavour this healthy snack.

6. Papaya Lassi

Bored of the usual lassi? Make one with papaya, yoghurt, honey and pumpkin seeds. Add ice cubes to have it chilled. It’s the perfect combination of taste and wellness.

7. Papaya Banana Smoothie

This glass is supercharged with vitamin C. To the papaya and banana slices, add crushed walnuts and chopped figs. Blend with yoghurt. Your perfect health drink is ready.


Papaya smoothie is a great way to include the fruit in your diet

Let us know which of these healthy picks you are going to choose and try out in your kitchen.

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