Love Dosa? Keep This Instant Dosa Mix Handy For Anytime Use (Recipe Inside)

Love Dosa? Keep This Instant Dosa Mix Handy For Anytime Use (Recipe Inside)

This instant dosa mix can be stored in air-tight jar for long.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that dosa characterises the food culture of South India. Ask any person to define South Indian cuisine, the most common answer you will get is ‘dosa’. The popularity of this crispy thin desi crepe breaks the barrier and goes beyond the state. So much so that dosa today has become one of the most common breakfast foods across India. When paired with sambar and chutney, dosa makes for a light yet fulfilling meal. Dosa today is extensively available in every city. From a street cart to the best of restaurants – dosa is a constant in almost every food joint’s menu. However, it can easily be whipped up at home too.

How To Make Dosa At Home:

Preparing dosa is a fuss-free affair. All you need to do is spread the dosa batter on a tawa and fry till it turns crispy. It is as simple as it reads.

The only struggle in the whole process is preparing a dosa batter. You need to prepare it beforehand and let it rest for at least eight hours. But prior preparations can be tough at times. Hence, we go for store-bought instant dosa mix to save time in the kitchen. What if we tell you we have a quick recipe that can help you prepare the same dosa mix at home?!

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How To Make Instant Dosa Mix:

This recipe is quick, easy and needs some basic ingredients you have in your pantry. Dry roast methi, chana dal, urad dal and poha and mix it will rice flour and a pinch of salt. Once the mix is ready, transfer it to an air-tight jar and store at a cool and dry place.

Click here for the step-by-step recipe.

How To Make Dosa With Instant Dosa Mix:

Step 1. Whip some yogurt till it turns smooth.

Step 2. Add the dosa mix and water to it and prepare a smooth batter.

Step 3. Heat a tawa and pour a ladleful of batter and spread.

Step 4. Pour some oil at the edges and toast till it turns golden and crispy.


Serve the dosa hot with some chutney and sambar

Enjoy your meal!

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