Love Cherries? Here Are 5 Reasons This Summer-Special Fruit Should Be A Part Of Your Diet


In summer, we all love to savour juicy red cherries. This tiny little fruit is packed with nutrients and can be sampled all summer long. Apart from eating them raw, you can use them to make cakes, tarts, pies and cheesecakes. They can be used as a garnish, too, for your bowl of yogurt or breakfast cereal. Dubbed as one of the healthiest superfoods, cherries are a winner when it comes to your health too. Anthocyanins, one of the compounds in cherries, have remarkable anti-inflammatory properties. Compared to many other fruits, cherries are low in sugar, making them an ideal choice for those who are on a weight-loss regime.

Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal, in her new Instagram Stories, highlights the health benefits of the fruit through a 5-point guide. Here’s what Nmami shared with her followers:

1. Rich in antioxidants: Cherries are packed with antioxidants, which reduce risk of many chronic ailments and also promote overall health.

2. Boost exercise recovery: Consuming cherries can accelerate muscle recovery, improve athletic performance, and reduce exercise-induced muscle pain and soreness. It is also believed to enhance exercise performance.

3. Improves symptoms of arthritis: Regularly incorporating cherries in your diet can help lessen joint pains related to arthritis. The fruit also lowers the risk of gout attacks.

4. Good for diabetic patients: As cherries rank low on the glycemic index, the fruit doesn’t trigger spikes or crashes in your blood sugar and insulin levels. As a result, it can be helpful to those who have diabetes.

5. Boosts mood: Known to lower anxiety, cherries also pack brain-boosting capabilities. They can boost cognitive function and avoid memory loss. The fruit is a rare food source of a hormone known as serotonin, which regulates mood and anxiety.


Here’s what makes cherries a must-have. Photo: iStock

If you are craving cherries now, and are in the mood for some dessert, go for a delicious, smooth and creamy cheesecake with the sweetness of cherries. It’s sure to delight your taste buds. Click here for the recipe.

If you are in the mood for some iced tea, try out this unusual combination — cherry and ginger iced tea. Though it may sounds odd, it’s tastes supreme and is the right kind of cooler in summer. Here’s the recipe.

You can also make this delicious plum and cherry roasted chicken to devour at your next dinner party. Filled with veggies, butter and tangy lemon essence, this dish will be a sure shot hit among your friends and family.

Tell us which of these recipes you are going to try out next.

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