Look How Taapsee Pannu Teases Her Sister For A Unique Avocado Toast Recipe


Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu knows how much fun it is to tease a sister over food and she did just that. When Taapsee checked her sister Evania Pannu’s Instagram Stories she found a mind-boggling recipe of toasts and guacamole. Evania wrote in her photo “I’m such a healthy person,” referring to the avocado spread on her toasts. The elder sister found the catch and reposted the image saying, “The only healthy person in the world I’ve seen who puts jam on guacamole.” Indeed, Evania seemed to have a gala time experimenting with jam and the Mexican avocado dip. Have a look at the banter:

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Instagram story by Taapsee Pannu

Taapsee Pannu herself isn’t a health freak in any way. Rather, she is the very relatable girl next door who can’t spend a day without her cup of coffee. The actress showed us her love for coffee during her Russian holiday. As Taapsee sat outside a cafe and cradled a cup of coffee in her hands, she couldn’t hold back her joy. Her caption said, “Sitting on a roadside cafe with my cup of coffee is what I missed the most. Holidays. It’s nice to see you.”

We’ve got proof that Taapsee Pannu can’t help but indulge in some sweet treats now and then. During a break at a shoot, she was caught gobbling up some besan laddoos. Look at Taapsee’s photo and you’ll know that the actress has cherished this guilty pleasure to the fullest. “Not a protein bar kind of person,” Taapsee wrote. The laddoos were approved by her nutritionist who is preparing Taapsee for an upcoming film. The caption read, “She calls it the “protein energy balls” and I call it my “healthy indulgence”.”

Taapsee Pannu’s Maldives vacation with her sisters saw her indulging in a yummy breakfast that was healthy too. This too was a meal suggested by Taapsee’s nutritionist. Nevertheless, it was tasty and we can vouch for it by the way Taapsee relished it.

Taapsee Pannu has struck the right balance between food, health and fun. We hope to find more food tales from her.

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