Locked down in Alibaug, Milind Soman needs no gym to get fitness dose | Watch


  • Milind Soman drops a fitness ‘skit’ of dead hang to show fans how he finds ‘interesting ways’ to workout, even as he is locked away from his Mumbai home and currently in a tent at Alibaug, without ‘a gym or any equipment’ | Watch

By Zarafshan Shiraz

UPDATED ON APR 13, 2021 04:53 PM IST

Feeding fitness inspiration virtually to his followers on social media, Milind Soman left fans concerned as he contracted coronavirus earlier but soon after he bounced back, the former super model was locked down in Alibaug owing to the Covid-19 travel restrictions in Maharashtra. Never the one to skip his exercise session, Milind drooped a fitness “skit” of dead hang on Instagram to show health enthusiasts how he finds “interesting ways” to workout, even as he is locked away from his Mumbai home and currently in a tent at Alibaug, without “a gym or any equipment”.

Taking to his social media handle, Milind shared the video featuring him dressed in his signature casuals – a navy blue tee, a pair of joggers and a pair of chappals. Sporting a heavy salt and pepper look, Milind is seen coming out of Bohemyan Blue’s luxury tent at an open Garden Cafe in Agarsure Zirad, Alibag and looking for the rod that held the tent curtains in place and then holding it to hang from it while lifting up his legs.

“Made a little skit to show how I can find interesting ways to test myself, anywhere, anytime even in a tent @bohemyanblue, you don’t need a gym or any equipment, all you need to do is find a few seconds, and keep your eyes open for opportunity! (sic),” Milind shared in the caption. He added, “Beauty and opportunity are everywhere. Keep your eyes open…. #beauty #life #health (sic).”


Hanging from an overhead bar for as long as possible is called dead hang which is a straightforward exercise which not only improves grip strength along with decompressing and stretching out the spine but also relieves shoulder pain as it is a nice stretch for the shoulders, arms and back. Dead hangs improve overhead exercises like pullups, chinups and presses by developing strength and endurance in the forearms and lats.

The exercise targets wrist flexors and extensors which are important for core strength. Beginner are recommended to try 10 seconds of dead hangs while those at intermediate level can perform it at a stretch of 20 to 30 seconds.

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