Lesser-known habits of depressed people they hide from the world


It is hard to explain how it is to cope with depression to a person who hasn’t experienced it. It is much more intense than your bouts of sadness, anger, irritability and there are times that one may not feel any emotion at all for a very long period.

People with depression do not find pleasure or joy in things that they enjoyed earlier. It is a deep, dark pit with no light in sight. Considering many people do not understand mental health issues, they may not know how to talk sensitively to a person who has depression. This is perhaps one of the reasons people with depression may not like to open up and share what they are going through.

It is not surprising that many people may put up a happy exterior to hide what they are feeling inside. They agree to their friends’ plans and cancel at last minute. They cry their heart out alone when nobody is watching; they may take up hobbies to distract themselves that they may not truly like. Most importantly, those suffering from depression have a hard time taking care of themselves. They might not brush their teeth, take bath for days together, or may not feel like arranging their house and things. Worst of all, they find themselves extremely alone in all this despite having a lot of people around.

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People with depression find themselves extremely alone despite having a lot of people around(Pexels)

“People believe that we can recognise people who have depression easily because they would be sad, and that’s not true. Sometimes, people put up a happy exterior in order to show how they feel within,” says Arouba Kabir, Mental Health Counselor, A wellness Coach.

Kashika Gulati, Counselling Psychologist & Holistic Healer, Dr. Bakshi’s Healthcare says that masking emotions, avoiding social gathering and preferring to be alone, forcing themselves to do basic things, self-harm tendencies and trying to cover up are some of the tendencies seen in people with depression.

“Seemingly simple things like taking shower, going for a haircut, trimming nails, organizing room, brushing teeth may seem very hard for them to do. They might be seen wearing same clothes, choosing same colours, eating stale food or not eating at all,” says Kabir elaborating on the lesser-known habits of depressed people.

Some people may make some lifestyle changes in an attempt to ease their minds or distract themselves.(Pexels)
Some people may make some lifestyle changes in an attempt to ease their minds or distract themselves.(Pexels)

Some people may make some lifestyle changes in an attempt to ease their minds or distract themselves. “These people may do things like exercise, listen to music, massages, spas, go walking, and so forth,” says the wellness coach.

People who have depression may not share with you their secret crying time. “They often cry before every event of the day and then might put a happy exterior as if nothing happened,” says Kabir.

Many of these symptoms are dismissed and go unnoticed because of the taboo. However, it’s an unhealthy way of coping and it’s the need of the hour to sensitize people to be more supportive and accepting. This will allow them to show their vulnerability with trusted ones and seek support. They will be more accepting of themselves and not see seeking support as a ‘weakness’, concludes Gulati.

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