Leftover Turai Peels? Turn Them Into This Healthy And Tasty Recipe


Ridge Gourd, popularly known as turai, is a common vegetable in India, despite that it might not be the number one favourite of your kids. The long and green vegetable comes from countries like India, Nepal, China and Indonesia. The inherently bland taste of turai makes it customary to be used in various dishes like pakoras, raita, sambhar and others. Though you would have seen and tried many recipes to make turai taste more delicious or ‘masaledar’, the one thing which we ignore while cooking this vegetable is its skin. Believe it or not, even turai’s coarse-looking skin also makes a tasty sabzi which you can add to your routine cooking!

Turai is known to have vitamin A, vitamin C and magnesium

As the concept of zero waste rises worldwide, making use of our waste kitchen scraps helps us do our bit in lowering the impact on the environment. Waste generation can be reduced through a variety of methods, such as reducing, reusing, recycling, or taking other appropriate action. To solve the problem of waste generation, many individuals have come forward to do their bit in their routine activities. And one of the ways in which you can also help is by reducing your kitchen waste. To help you in the same, we bring you an easy, nutritious and tasty recipe made out of turai’s skin.


The vegetable has many benefits which keep you healthy

Turai might not be everyone’s favourite, but it surely has benefits like aiding in weight loss, boosting immunity, digestive benefits, and being low in cholesterol. Ridge gourd can also be eaten to reduce internal inflammations, cough, and swelling of the lymph glands. It has high water content and high cellulose content, which helps to alleviate constipation.

While these benefits are good for your health, you can use more ways to make use of this vegetable. And cooking its skin is one of the things you save the scarp and get an additional sabzi out of it!

Turai Ke Chilke Ki Sabzi Recipe | Leftover Turai Peel Recipe:

To make this recipe, you would require peels of 2-3 medium-sized turai, mustard oil, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, cold water, and salt, turmeric powder, red chilli and one piece of green chilli according to your taste.

Firstly, peel the skin of turai and chop it into small pieces and wash it under cold water. After that, add mustard oil to a pan. When the oil turns hot- add your cumin seeds and mustard seeds. As the seeds are cooked, throw in your turai skin and cook it until the skin turns soft. Then put in your spices- salt, turmeric powder, red chilli and one piece of green chilli and cover the pan for 5 minutes. Let the sabzi cook on low flame. Add two-three tablespoons of water with chopped tomato, cook for additional 5 minutes. When the water evaporates- your sabzi is ready.

Click here for the full recipe of turai ke chikle ki sabzi.

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