Kylie Jenner And Daughter Stormi Enjoy Yummy Treats On Private Jet For Vacation


Kylie Jenner went for a vacation with daughter Stormi.


  • Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi went on a vacation.
  • They flew to Palm Springs with friends.
  • See what dedadent in-flight food they all had.

Kylie Jenner took off for a vacation with daughter Stormi along with friend Yris Palmer and her daughter Ayla. The four reportedly headed off to Palm Springs for a girls holiday, and took Kylie’s private jet to reach their destination. If this already oozes out ‘luxury’, just wait till we tell you how they started off the vacation in the plane. They were treated with some indulgent treats, especially the little girls, which made us a bit jealous, frankly. 

In-flight food, but not just ordinary meal, but a whole platter of chocolate balls, fruit cups and doughnuts! Stormi and her friend Ayla must have had a great flight with all these goodies to hog on all the way. We could see the doughnuts in two forms – regular chocolate glazed doughnuts and others were in the shape of a heart and coloured pink with all sorts of pretty edible decorations like sprinklers. 

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The mothers too had their own foodie time after landing. Kylie and Yris attacked a candy vending machine and enjoyed hearty bars of Corn Nuts in Ranch and Chile Picante flavours.


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Upon reaching their lavish villa with a large swimming pool on looking a trail of mountains, Kylie and Yris chugged down some ginger ale. Yris posted the video on her Instagram story. 

Just this week, Kylie threw a foodie party for Stormi’s third birthday. The venue was decorated with lots of balloons and the kids had a massive candy shop and food truck to enjoy some yummy treats. The Kardashian sisters, Kendell Jenner and Travis Scott also attended the party. 

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