Kriti Sanon Thanks Manish Malhotra For Some Amazing “Khaana” And The Food Platter Is Making Us Hungry


On most days, we crave pizza or sushi or fried chicken from our favourite restaurants. But there are also days when a simple yet delicious dal-roti-curry combo can steal our heart. We relate to our staple food not just with a sense of warmth but also with some “ghar-ka-khana” nostalgia. When this familiar tasty combo pack comes from a friend, it’s all the more heart-warming. Actress Kriti Sanon must’ve felt the same after relishing a simple traditional thali for which she has thanked designer Manish Malhotra on her Instagram Stories.

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The video shows a plate of roti, rice, curry, and different vegetable preparations alongside a cutlet and an omelette. It’s just the homemade food you can be missing on days when you live away from home and our heart is melting over this appreciation post.

Instagram story by Kriti Sanon

In case you are missing some good traditional food, here’s a list of recipes from different parts of the country to get you going.

1) Gola Roti

This is a Bengali-style savoury pancake. It’s the perfect dish for a lazy snack. All that you have to do is mix flour, eggs, veggies, and spices and fry the batter in thin sheets.


This is a Bengali-style savoury pancake

2) Meethi Koki

This Sindhi sweet treat is also a flatbread that you can make without any hassle. All you’ll need is flour, sugar, cardamom powder, and some ghee or butter. You can serve these flatbreads with curries, chutney, or pickles of your choice.

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3) Rice And Coconut Appam

If you want something Malabar-ish, try the rice flour and coconut appam and relish the thin, light, and crispy dish. It is a popular breakfast staple in south India.


It is a popular breakfast staple in south India.

4) Rabodi Ki Sabzi

Here’s a dish from the lands of Rajasthan. It’s an old and traditional recipe. This traditional cuisine can be prepared within half an hour with some rabodi (made of corn) and Indian spices.


Here’s a dish from the lands of Rajasthan

5) Hyderabadi Murgh Dum Biryani

We cannot miss a biryani in a list of traditional food, can we? It may take you a bit of time to master this chicken dum biriyani dish made in the Hyderabad style. But once done perfectly, it’ll make you fall for it.

It’s time to hit your kitchen. Tell us which of these recipes excited you the most, and what did you finally end up making.

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