Kriti Sanon gives a glimpse of ‘Chubby Sanon’s’ workout to lose 15kgs after Mimi


From sharing beautiful BTS pictures to rocking sartorial looks while promoting Mimi, Bollywood diva Kriti Sanon knows how to keep her fans hooked and this Sunday was no different as she gave a glimpse of “Chubby Sanon’s” workout routine to lose 15 kgs after playing a surrogate on-screen. Having not worked out for 3 months to gain weight for Mimi, Kriti shared a fitness video to reveal how she lost 15 kgs with exercises at home and at gym to be “in shape” for Param Sundari song.

Taking to her social media handle recently, Kriti shared the video where she can be seen performing varied Pilates and exercises, kettle bell workout, resistance band exercises and those with a medicine ball, squats, cable glute kickback and other leg exercises to burn all that unwanted fat. She shared in the caption, “While putting on 15kgs for Mimi was a challenge, losing those kilos wasn’t easy for Chubby Sanon either! and.. I had kept Param Sundari for later so i have the motivation to get back in shape! (sic).”

Kriti added, “Having put on so much weight for the first time ever and not working out for 3months(not even yoga!), my stamina, strength and flexibility had gone down to Zero! In fact, I had to slowly get back to mobility with my joints clicking constantly (sic).”

Concluding with a motivational advice for fitness enthusiasts, Kriti wrote, “Sharing some snippets of before and after lockdown videos where @yasminkarachiwala helped me out get back my strength! P.S. Dont have enough home workout recorded, but thanks @robin_behl14 for being there through those tough days! THINK. BELIEVE. ACHIEVE (sic).”



Named after its creator, Joseph Pilates, the exercise aims to strengthen the body with focus on proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance. Beginners can do most of the Pilates moves at home including the hundred, the roll-up, the shoulder bridge or the criss-cross as they are absolutely fun to do even without the use of a reformer.

Apart from developing muscle tone and building strength and flexibility, a Pilate Reformer has several other benefits including the potential to increase fat loss and leading to a more toned lean-looking physique. After the whirlwind year that 2020 and half of 2021 have been, if you are looking to finely tune your brain and nervous system then Pilates should be your go-to physical therapy.

Exercising with the kettlebell helps one to build their core muscles as well as the upper body and lower body strength. The target muscles during the exercise are the hamstrings and the quads.

Talking about the kettlebells, apart from relieving one of muscle stiffness and joint pain, they reveal and fix misalignments, compensations, asymmetries, and weaknesses in the body. The resistance band, on the other hand, lights up the biceps, triceps and shoulders as it targets all the upper-body muscles and scores a well-balanced burn.

Cable glute kickback or cable butt blaster works the gluteal muscles, helps shape and strength the gluteus. It helps create a fuller, rounder butt by targeting the area where the hamstrings meet the buttocks.

Strengthening our lower body including butts and legs is crucial as they keep us moving all day. Squats help avoid injury by firing up smaller muscles to balance the body. It also increase stability by improving imbalances, builds lower body strength, tones the legs and glutes and strengthens the core muscles.

Medicine ball squats help athletes develop explosive strength as studies reveal that it can be more effective than conventional strength training at boosting throwing and swinging performance. It also betters core stability and helps in achieving a stronger back.

Apart from correcting muscle imbalances, leg exercises help in injury recovery and even manage chronic conditions including diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. Additionally, they tone the body, melt belly fat and increase stability and strength.

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