Kitchen Tips: Is Your Cooking Oil Safe For Consumption? Find It Out With This Simple Test


Oil is one of the basic ingredients available in every kitchen. It is used for cooking, marinating and garnishing different types of dishes. But do you know, the cooking oil you are using is pure and safe for consumption? We all know, the price and demand for oil has increased over the years. This has also increased the threats of adulteration in our cooking oil, further leading to several health problems. Fret not, we have found the perfect solution for you. We came across a super easy hack that will help you test the purity of your cooking oil, sitting at home. You ask us how?

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) recently took to Instagram to share a post on Instagram explaining how to check the purity of your cooking oil. For the unversed, cooking oil is often adulterated with tri-ortho-cresyl-phosphate. According to Comprehensive toxicology, tri-ortho-cresyl-phosphate is a phosphorus-containing organic compound or a pesticide that has been responsible for many mass poisonings in the past.

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As per the Journal of JAMA Neurology, there have been several occurrences of “widespread paralysis caused by adulteration of food with triorthocresyl phosphate that has encouraged numerous reports of the clinical effects and histological changes induced in the nervous system in man by this chemical.”

How To Test The Purity Of Cooking Oil:

If you want to examine if your cooking oil is adulterated, then take this simple test suggested by FSSAI.

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All you need to do is take 2ml of oil in a bowl and add a spoon of yellow butter to it. If the colour of the oil doesn’t change, then the it is pure and safe for consumption. If the colour changes to red, then the oil is impure and can cause several health issues.

Take a look at the video demonstration here:

Now, check the purity of your oil and help promote overall health.

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