Kitchen Tips: Celebrity Chef Saransh Goila’s Amazing Hacks Will Keep Your Kitchen Counter Clean


Cooking can be a therapeutic exercise. Not many, however, would say the same about the cleaning process that follows the ambitious cooking plans. Untidy kitchen counters can be extremely frustrating and one of the primary contributors to dirty kitchen counters is the lid of a vessel. What exactly do you do with lids of pressure cookers? If you place them on the counter, they leave a stain, which often gets tough to remove. Much retable? Well, chef Saransh Goila has a solution for you in his latest Instagram video. In fact, he has described the tip to be one that ‘changed his life’.

Sharing the video, the founder-owner of Goila Butter Chickenwrote, “ My life changed when I learnt about this hack. It did. No more circles on that kitchen counter. Where do you keep that lid?”

In the clip, the chef can be seen placing the lid of the pressure cooker in the gap between the vessel and its handle. The lid stayed put thanks to the wedge and the small knob that is originally used to hold the lid in place when the cooker is shut.

For another vessel with a cover, he suggested balancing the lid holder on one of the handles on the vessel. Here, the vessel itself supports one part of the lid. Take a look. 

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The chef’s social media followers were thoroughly impressed with the hack. One user said, “Miracle…miracle.” Another comment read, “Whattttt? Hahaha super! Now, I’ll have to cook something just to try this.” Many others claimed that they could just not be as smooth as the chef was in the kitchen.

Previously, he had also shown us how to fill an ice tray without spilling water all over the floor. Sharing the video, he wrote, “This summer do justice to those ice cube trays. Fill them correctly, at an angle under the tap. Not Straight!”

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Thanks to Saransh Goila’s tips, most of our kitchens are going to look a little less messy. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. 

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