Kitchen Hack: Seal Your Food Packets Without A Clip With This Amazing Viral Hack


Our kitchens are stocked with a variety of packets, whether it is a chips packet, bhujia packet, or even packets full of dal – one thing or other always come in packages. While we buy everyday ingredients in bulk, we mostly take them out and store them in jars or containers. But unfortunately, not everything can be stored in these containers. And when that happens, we have to tie a knot on those packets or clip them to keep them securely in the drawers. But what if we told you that you could easily close your packets without spending extra on clips or bands? Sounds interesting, right?

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Recently, an Instagram user ‘thewickedsoul’ posted a hack on her reels telling the audience how to close a bread packet without using any clips or tieing a knot. In the video, she first twists the packet in a circular motion and then opens up the edges and folds them down towards the bread. Take a look:

Ever since the video was posted, it has garnered more than three lakh views and eight thousand likes. Many people have also commented on the video.

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One Instagram user commented, “Hahaha omg no I never knew this and it’s awesome ! Gotta try now.” Another user commented, “I have been following this since last year when I saw this online. It’s really good.” One user even added that they have “shared this hack with many people” while another one said “Indeed it’s helpful.”

This hack of sealing a packet is not only limited to securing the bread, but you can try this on your other half opened packets as well. So, give this hack a try and let us know on what all packets you used this!

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