Katrina Kaif works like a beast to be her fittest best for Salman Khan’s Tiger 3


The new schedule of Tiger 3, which is the third film in the successful Ek Tha Tiger franchise, has begun at YRF Studios in Mumbai with lead actors Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan under a closely guarded set with no picture leaks expected. However, in an appreciation post for her trainers this Tuesday, Katrina gave fans a glimpse of her intense training session for the upcoming action flick.

From stretches to kicks, the Bollywood diva is training for some jaw-dropping and hugely risky action sequences in director Maneesh Sharma’s Tiger 3 and the shoot will physically challenge her and Salman to push their bodies to the limit. Taking to her social media handle, Katrina shared a video featuring her with her trainers inside a workout studio lined with mattresses.

Donning a white spaghetti top teamed with a pair of black tights in some clips and dressed in a grey sweatshirt in others, Katrina pulled back her sleek tresses into a high braid hairstyle to keep her locks off her face during the intense training session. The video opens to her leaning on the mirror wall while stretching one leg as high as possible and the other on floor, balancing her body weight.

This was followed by rotating toe touches, some rolling and kickboxing sessions. Katrina shared in the caption, “#work ………….actually I would be nothing without the amazing teachers and trainers who work so patiently with me @kuldeepshashi learning something new everyday (sic).”



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