Karisma Kapoor Is Relishing Rasgullas, Calls It ‘Simple Pleasures’


Karisma Kapoor loves good food and desserts, and her Instagram page is proof. But her choices are not limited to pizzas and elaborate feasts. The actress has a weakness for everything simple and she brings that liking to food too. This time she is falling for some simple yet irresistible rasgullas. In her Instagram Stories, Karisma posted a photo of the sweets and they look absolutely delicious and syrupy. She calls it her “simple pleasures”.  A few hours before she devoured the rasgullas, she was also seen brooding over a cup of coffee, a drink she loves the most.

However, the rasgullas stole the show this time. You’ll know once you have a look:

The actor posted this picture of the soft and juicy rasgullas

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Karisma Kapoor isn’t alone when it comes to food cravings. Her sister, actress Kareena Kapoor, too, is a huge food lover. The two spend quite a “productive weekend” over food. In a video, we see them digging into a scrumptious meal. But the feast would have been incomplete without a dessert. So, the sisters chose a delicious chocolate cake to conclude the day.

Karisma adds fun to food. We saw that when she made a cute video with Easter eggs. She wore a yellow dress to match the color of the eggs and pondered whether to eat them or not. Well, if those were chocolate Easter eggs, we are sure Karisma couldn’t have held herself for very long. She wrote a caption reminiscent of Hamlet’s dilemma but with a foodie spin, “To eat or not to eat.”

Karisma loves desserts and chocolate tops her list and it’s not we who are saying that. She declares chocolate cake as her comfort food, especially when it has been baked by herself. In an old post, we see a huge chunk of chocolate cake on her plate. Her caption spilled the beans when she wrote, “What’s your go-to comfort food? Mine is a big piece of chocolate cake (made by me). Let me know what’s yours?” After seeing that delightful treat on her plate, we may as well switch sides to stand with the chocolate lover.

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We leave Karisma Kapoor to relish her simple rasgullas and decadent chocolate cakes, only to sit and wait for more food stories from her side.

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