Karishma Tanna’s animal flow workout at gym will pump up your exercise energies


In an effort to improve strength, power, flexibility and mobility, Naagin-star Karishma Tanna was seen evoking a sense of fun and creativity to mundane workout session as she performed animal flow at the gym with her trainer, Pawan Jatwa. Making workout look all fun and play, Karishma pumped up our drooping energies as she sweat it out in the gym with animal flow exercises and that is all the fitness motivation we need to take us through the rest of the week.

Taking to her social media handle, Karishma shared a video straight from the gym that gave fans and fitness enthusiasts a glimpse of her robust workout session. Donning a casual purple T-shirt, teamed with a pair of pink camouflaged tights, Karishma completed her athleisure look with a pair of white sneakers and pulled back her luscious tresses into a high ponytail hairstyle to ace the sporty look.

Balancing her body weight on alternate palms and ankles, Karishma was seen performing form specific stretches to encourage a combination of flexibility and stability or mobility throughout her entire body. Using animal base position to move through various end ranges of motion, Karishma built strength through motion as conditioning tools or integrated into flows.

This was followed by underswitch, side kickthrough and scorpion transition to form the bulk of the animal flow as a powerful exercise or drill. She captioned the video, “Mehnat ka phal meetha hota hai (The fruit of labour is sweet) #animalflow #abs #goofy #love #mood #gym #workout (sic).”


From improving cardio fitness, mobility and coordination to building power, flexibility and strength without taxing the central nervous system, animal flow is a good workout. It heightens the practitioner’s proprioceptive sense or the sense of position and movement and helps the body to recover faster by allowing one to gently load the different body joints to get a physical and neurological response.

This innovative bodyweight movement exercise improves respiration and breathing, increases the flexibility of the muscles, impacts brainpower and prevents obesity and fractures by encouraging bone growth. It links physical postures in a fluid sequence, helps increase kinaesthetic awareness, eventually improves stamina levels and also protects against osteoporosis.

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